Yes, the X-Star's camera gimbal module can be removed from the drone using the quick-release mechanism.  

Please ensure that the aircraft is powered off before removing the camera gimbal module.

To detach the camera gimbal module

1. Power off the aircraft, and wait for the lights on the aircraft to turn off. TIPTo be extra safe, remove the aircraft battery before proceeding.

2. Hold the aircraft with one hand.

3. With your other hand, hold the camera gimbal module and press the quick-release button on the side of the module. With the camera facing you, the button is on the right side of the camera gimbal module.

4. Slide the module towards the unlock direction indicated next to the quick-release button.

To attach the camera gimbal module

1. Power off the aircraft, wait for all the lights on the aircraft to turn off, and remove the aircraft battery.

2. Match the gimbal camera module to the quick-mount base at the bottom of the aircraft. The front of the camera should face the nose of the aircraft as indicated by the colored tape on the landing gear.

3. Slide the gimbal camera module onto the quick-mount base towards the rear of the aircraft. You will hear a click when the module is properly installed.

If you are unable to re-establish the video link after removing and reattaching the camera gimbal module, please contact Autel Robotics Customer Support.

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