Drones can be dangerous if operated incorrectly. If you are new to flying drones and want to practice basic movements, we recommend starting on a mini drone. Always remember to fly safe and consider the well-being of others. Here are some basic practices to abide by when operating your X-Star series drone.

Fly below 400 ft

Do not fly over 400 ft (120 m). Flying above 400 ft can place you in manned airspace and can cause harm to others, not just yourself.

Handle the aircraft properly

Spinning propellers can cause serious injury. Always remember to turn the motors off when taking on and off the propellers.

Never fly near airports

To prevent collisions with manned aircraft do not fly within five miles of any airport. It is important that manned airspace is free from any interference. Visit knowbeforeyoufly.org to familiarize yourself with no-fly zones.


Never fly above people and watch for obstacles

  • Take note of your surroundings.
  • Avoid flying over people to keep them out of harm’s way in the event of an unexpected landing.
  • Make sure to be 100 ft away from obstacles such as large buildings or homes. Flying safe, including protecting the safety of others, is your number one priority.

Keep clear of stadiums


Remember that stadiums house large groups of people and putting them in danger is not putting drone safety first. It is not okay to fly over stadiums during live events. Do not put the public at risk.

Avoid inclement weather

Flying in inclement weather can damage your drone and can result in abnormal flight characteristics. Please be wary of flying in inclement weather and use your best judgment.

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