A.U.T.E.L. X-Star Premium flight check list (Perform before each flight)


 You are registered as a drone user with the FAA

 Attach your FAA ID number to the aircraft


 Firmware on your device

  Starlink app installed

akeoff condition checks

  Battery charged to 100% (recommended)

 Gimbal holder removed 

 SD card inserted into the SD card slot

 RC is connected to the mobile device

 Compass calibration performed

 RC calibration performed

 Propellers properly installed 

 Antenna positioned for best transmission

 GPS mode


     Large open area (a field or parking lot is ideal)

     Good weather conditions and minimal wind

     Avoid areas with electromagnetic interference

     No obstacles in the flight path

     No traffic or people (safety is primary)

     Following FAA regulations


     Clear landing zone 

     Battery level above 15% 

     Soft landing 

     Power down motors 

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