Occasionally, your remote controller and aircraft can become unpaired. If the controller's LCD screen reads, "Connect your aircraft," and your aircraft's rear LEDs are displaying a fast, flashing yellow, you will need to re-pair your remote controller to the aircraft. 

There are two ways to rebind the aircraft and remote controller:

How to rebind your X-Star Premium aircraft with the remote controller using the device buttons

Step 1 Turn off the remote controller.

Step 2 Turn on the aircraft. 
Step 3 Press and hold the RC Binding button on the side of the aircraft (shown below) for about 3 seconds. The binding indicator next to the RC Binding button will slowly flash green indicating the aircraft is ready to rebind.
Step 4 Push and hold the Power and the Home  buttons simultaneously on the remote controller for a few seconds. The binding indicator will turn solid green when the binding is successful.  

To rebind your X-Star aircraft and the remote controller using the Starlink App

Step 1 
Turn on the remote controller. 
image2016-3-14 13-39-15.png
Step 2 Turn on the aircraft. 
image2016-3-14 13-39-34.png
Step 3 Connect your mobile device to the X-Star Premium and start the Starlink app. 
Step 4 Tap the  icon, and then tap Bind60-second timer starts. 

Step 5 Within 60 seconds, press the RC Binding button (shown below) on the aircraft. Once pairing is complete, the app will display an "RC Binding Successful" message.
If rebinding the aircraft and remote controller repeatedly fails, please contact our customer support department.