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Before flying in a new location, we recommended that you calibrate the compass on your X-Star.

When calibrating the compass, remember to:

  • Always perform the compass calibration outdoors.
  • Stay clear of any magnetic interference such as power lines or steel reinforced concrete.
  • Move to a new area if the aircraft displays a magnetic interference message.

To calibrate the compass

Step 1
Power on your X-Star and remote controller.

Power On X-Star AircraftPower On Remote Controller

Step 2
Connect your mobile device to the X-Star Wi-Fi network.


iPhone Wifi Connection to X-Star WiFi                             


Android Wifi Connection to X-Star WiFi

Step 3 
In the Starlink app, tap Settings Flight Control Settings > Compass Calibration > Calibrate. Once the calibration process is initiated, the four LEDs will flash yellow.

Starlink App First Person ViewStarlink App Flight Control SettingsStarklink App Compass Calibration Settings

SHORTCUT: You can also start the calibration process with the remote controller by pressing Remote Control Take Off Iconand Remote Control Home Iconsimultaneously for three seconds. Perform steps 4 and 5 to complete the procedure.

Remote Controller Compass Calibration Short Cut Take Off + Home

Step 4 
Hold and rotate the aircraft 360° horizontally. The four LEDs on the aircraft will flash yellow during the process, and then will flash green when the calibration is successful.

Rotate Aircraft Horizontally

Step 5 
Turn the aircraft 90° so the battery is facing up. Rotate the aircraft 360° while keeping the battery facing up. When calibration succeeds, the app will alert you, and the four LEDs on the aircraft will turn solid green for five seconds before returning to normal indicating mode. 

Rotate the Aircraft Vertically

Step 6 
If the calibration is unsuccessful, the four LEDs on the aircraft will turn solid yellowStart the compass calibration again at Step 1 If the compass calibration continuously fails, please contact our customer support department.

WARNING: If severe drifting occurs during flight or the aircraft seems unstable for any reason, please land immediately and perform a compass calibration.

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