Choosing the flight location

  • You can fly your X-Star Premium indoors safely without GPS.
    WARNING: Do not fly the X-Star Premium indoors.
  • Make sure to fly in a large open area free from large obstacles such as trees, buildings, and power lines. Remember that as a pilot, you are responsible for the safety of yourself and others.

Environmental awareness

  • Do not fly your X-Star Premium in inclement weather. Doing so may cause the aircraft to behave abnormally, perform unwanted landings, or even crash.
  • Be prepared to anticipate sudden movements.
  • Be prepared to calmly and manually land your aircraft.

Fly within line of sight

Legally, drone pilots need to have line of sight (an unobstructed view) of their drone. Flying beyond line of sight can be dangerous and you may lose orientation of the drone quickly. Remember that live video feed only works up to a certain distance. Without a live video feed, you can become disoriented and crash the drone into unseen obstacles.

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