X-Star Premium

The XI-5S camera gimbal is a quick-mount stabilized gimbal with three-axis stability. It is specially designed to minimize camera vibration and enable smooth aerial photography with your X-Star Premium.

1. Gimbal Plate
2. Vibration Damper
3. Aircraft communication Port
4. Micro SD Slot

To detach the gimbal 

  • Hold the aircraft with one hand.
  • With your other hand, hold the quick-mount module and press the Unlock button at the side of the module.
  • Slide the quick mount module towards the unlock direction indicated next to the unlock button.

To attach the gimbal

  • Match the quick-mount module attached to the gimbal and the quick-mount base at the bottom of the aircraft.
  • Slide the quick-mount module onto the quick-mount base towards the lock direction indicated next to the unlock button. You will hear a click the when gimbal is properly installed.

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