X-Star Premium

Time for the drone’s maiden voyage? Here are the steps to get you there.

Remove the gimbal clamp and install the propellers

  • Remove the gimbal holder and the warning cards from the motors before powering on.
  • Match the two propellers with red caps to the motors with red paint. Match the two propellers with silver/black caps to the unpainted motors.
  • Fasten each propeller by rotating it in the direction indicated by the lock symbol (). See the following image.

NOTE: We recommend wearing protective gloves when installing or removing the propellers.

Set up the controller

  • Press and hold the power button for two seconds to power up the remote controller.
  • Make sure the Flight Mode switch on the left side of the remote controller is in the GPS position.
  • Clamp your mobile device into the mobile device holder, and adjust the holder angle for the optimum view.

Power up your X-Star Premium

  • Press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn on the aircraft. The battery level indicator lights will illuminate and indicate the current battery level.

Connect to your X-Star Premium through the app

  • Connect your mobile device to the remote controller by using a USB cable. Android users can use the provided micro USB cable. Apple users should use a Lightning cable (not included). The USB port is located on the back of the remote controller.

  • When the connection is established between your mobile device and the aircraft, the connection status bar will show as "Connected" in the Starlink app.

Calibrate the compass

  • Make sure to calibrate the compass every time you fly in a new location.
  • In your app, tap SettingsFlight Control Settings Compass Calibration.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be informed when the calibration request has been initiated, and then the four LEDs on the aircraft will flash yellow.
  • Rotate the aircraft 360° horizontally. The four LEDs on the aircraft will flash green when this is done successfully.

  • Rotate the aircraft 360° vertically with the nose facing downward. When calibration succeeds, you will be informed by the app, and the four LEDs on the aircraft will turn solid green for five seconds.

  • If the calibration is unsuccessful, the four LEDs on the aircraft will turn solid yellow. In this case, repeat the above steps to try again.

NOTE: You can also start the calibration with the remote controller by pressing the Takeoff/Landing button () and the Go Home button () on the remote controller simultaneously for three seconds. Then perform steps 3 and 4 to complete the procedure.

Start the motors

  • Do one of the following to start the motors:
    • Hold the Motor Start button for three seconds, or
    • Push both command sticks toe-in or toe-out for three seconds.

When the motors start spinning, use one of the following methods to take off the aircraft:

  • Hold the Takeoff/Landing button for three seconds, or
  • Push the left command stick upwards (Mode 2).