Remote Controller

The X-Star Premium controller layout enables easy access to in-flight options like auto takeoff, go home, and one-touch video recording.

1. Antennas

The left antenna transmits a 5.8-GHz RF signal to the aircraft for sending commands and receiving flight information.

Both antennas receive a 900 MHz HD video signal from the aircraft and transfer the flight data and camera data to the connected mobile app.

2. Mobile device holder

Holds the mobile device and allows a 180° adjustable viewing angle for optimum visibility.

3. Flight information panel

Displays the flight status, warning messages, and real-time instructions.

4. Left command stick

Set by default: Ascend Aircraft/Descend Aircraft and Turn Left/Turn Right.

5. Right command stick

Set by default: Move Forward/Move Backward and Move Left/Move Right.

6. Strap hole

Attach a neck strap for easy portability.

7. Motor starter

One touch to start the motors.

8. Takeoff/landing button

Commands the aircraft to take off or land.

9. Power button

Press and hold for two seconds to turn on/off the remote controller. You will hear a beep, and the controller will vibrate. The power button shows a solid green light when you turn on the remote controller.

10. Go home button

Commands the aircraft to return to the home point which is automatically set to the location the aircraft motors started in GPS mode. The home point can also be manually selected. 

11. Pause button

Commands the aircraft to stop the auto landing function.

12. Power port

Connection to the X-Star Premium/X-Star charger to charge the built-in battery.

13. Gimbal pitch dial

Turn the dial to control the tilt angle of the gimbal.

14. Flight mode switch

Switch between IOC, GPS, and ATTI modes.

15. Playback button

Play back the captured images or videos. (Only works when the remote controller is connected to the mobile app.)

16. Camera settings dial

Turn the dial to adjust the camera settings.

17. Support stand

Props up the remote controller at a 40° angle.

18. Shutter button

Takes a photo. If burst mode is selected, the set number of photos will be taken with one touch.

19. Record button

Records video. Press the button again to stop recording.

20. CAN-Bus Port

Connects two remote controllers so that one operator is the instructor and the other is the learner.

21. Micro-USB Port

Only used to update the remote controller firmware.

22. USB Port

Connects to a mobile device through a USB cable for HD live view up to 1.2 miles away.

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