You can land your X-Star manually with the command sticks or automatically with the Go Home function.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to land the aircraft on a level surface in an open area.

To land the aircraft manually (without Go Home)

  • Release the command sticks on the remote controller when the aircraft reaches the target landing position. The aircraft will hover.
  • Do one of the following:
    • On the remote controller's row of one-touch flight buttons, press and hold the takeoff and landing button () for three seconds to land the aircraft and shut down the motors automatically. You will see a status bar on the LCD that indicates how long you need to hold this button down. 
    • Manually push the left command stick straight downwards (Mode 2) gently to start landing. To shut down the motors manually after landing, you can keep holding the left command stick down for three seconds or push both command sticks toe-in or toe-out (toward the inner bottom corners or the outer bottom corners) for three seconds. WARNING: Pushing the command sticks toe-in is an emergency maneuver and will cut the motors even if it the aircraft is midair. Please use with caution.

To land the aircraft with Go Home

IMPORTANT: Go Home only works in GPS mode. While in GPS mode, the X-Star will NOT avoid obstacles that may be in its flight path.

  • Press and hold the Go Home button on the remote controller until Go Home mode is activated.
  • When the Go Home command has been successfully received as indicated on the controller's LCD screen, the aircraft automatically maneuvers itself to return directly to your preset home point (where the drone first took off) and land.
  • When Go Home is activated, and while the aircraft is descending, you can control the aircraft with the right command stick to adjust course. This will not interrupt the Go Home function.
  • Pressing and holding the Pause Button on the controller stops Go Home Mode. Using the left command stick you can slow the descent speed of the aircraft or hold the left command stick in the 90% ascend position for two seconds to manually regain control of the drone. The remote controller’s functionality can be regained during this period, allowing you to stop the aircraft from Going Home when you consider it is safe. 

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, if the aircraft is hovering at an altitude lower than 30 meters when the Go Home function is activated, it will ascend to an altitude of 30 meters above the home point before starting to return home. You can adjust the Go Home altitude in the app under Settings  > Flight Control Settings  > Go Home Altitude.

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