The X-Star uses two different colored sets of propellers depending on the model color. Orange units come with black props, four with red caps and four black with black caps. White units come with white props, four with silver caps and four with red caps.

To attach the propellers

  • Remove the warning cards from the motors after reading. DO NOT power up the aircraft.
  • Match the two propellers with red caps to the motors with red paint on top. Match the two propellers with silver/black caps to the unpainted motors.
  • Fasten the propeller by rotating it in the direction indicated by the lock symbol () on the propeller. See image below.

NOTE: The lock symbol does not appear on the drone shell.

To remove the propellers

  • Power off the aircraft.
  • Unfasten the propeller by holding the motor still and rotating the prop in the direction indicated by the unlock symbol ()  on the propeller, as seen in the above image.
  • If the propellers are attached very tightly, use the included propeller wrench to loosen them.

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