Welcome to the X-Star Family! We’re excited to get you flying, but first, let’s look inside the box.

1. Aircraft Suite

Your X-Star aircraft, remote controller, battery, gimbal holder, and Micro-SD card are all included. The controller comes pre-synced and is ready to be used with your iOS or Android devices.


1. Aircraft
2. Controller
3. Battery 
4. Gimbal Holder
5. 16GB Micro SD Card

2. Propellers

The X-Star comes with two different sets of props.


3. Charger kit

The X-Star Premium comes with an aircraft battery charger, which comes in two parts: an A/C cable to connect the charger to a power source, and the charger. The charger has two plugs attached—the bigger one charges the aircraft battery, and the smaller one charges the remote controller. Both can be used simultaneously. A Micro-USB cable is also included in the charger kit.


1. Aircraft Battery Charger
2. Micro-USB Cable

4. Documents

You’ll find the quick start guide, user manual, and packing list in the box—everything you need to learn about your new aircraft.


5. Maintenance kit

We included some spare tools and parts just in case you need them.


1. Remote Controller Set
2. Indication Stickers
3. Rubber Pad
4. Anti-Drop Kit
5. Vibration Absorber
6. Propellor Wrench

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